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The promise: You will get with the tradeshow infotainer prequalified leads from your target group.


tradeshow infotainer

some results of the tradeshow infotainer

  • I would like to thank you on behalf of the company Spigraph for the great collaboration at the GITEX fair in Dubai. Although I had my doubts if a fair with so many different nationalities, cultures and languages is the right way, the results spoke for themselves. Thanks to your presence, we had the opportunity to generate a tremendous amount of additional clients. I recommend you wholeheartedly and I am looking forward to welcoming you again in our exhibition booth at the next fair. Frau Hein, Spigraph


  • We already knew you from exhibition appearances for GE Healthcare at the Medica fair, giving us the idea to book you for the Neonatalogy Congress. As expected, your appearance became an important factor for our success at the trade fair. With wit, charm, skillful tricks and culinary skill you managed to bring in potential customers, put a smile on their face and opened up all channels for our messages. It was impressive to us how quickly you did not only pick up our technical content (regarding the short amount of time you had for preparation), but how you were able to practically convey this knowledge to visitors of our booth. GE Healthcare, Frank B.


  • tradeshow infotainer

    tradeshow infotainer

  • Why does the tradeshow infotainer bring such great benefits at trade fairs?

    He directs the attention spotlight to your booth. The trade show infotainer draws as a FairContacter the visitors out of their current world of ideas and allows that the visitor registers your information in the first place and may reconsider.

    He is the sales Bridge to collect the valuable visitors from your target group.

    This is surely the most important stage of the infotainment show and the trade fair event. It entices the visitors to enter your stand to talk with your staff. Hereby, the trade show infotainer prequalifies the members of the audience. The pre-qualified visitors from your target audience come to your booth after the show, directly to your sales team. We developed a technique that does exactly that.

    The testimonials are based on this technique. You will reach more qualified contacts and increase your sales potential!

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some further results of the tradeshow infotainer have been skeptical before our first collaboration. In all honesty, your claim regarding the results of fair infotainment seemed a little ridiculous. We successfully participated in a couple of fairs for years and could not really imagine the additional use. Luckily, we booked you in 2010 for a test fair. Today, we know that you have been keeping it low with your statements. The fair results show that you are the premier league! Through working with you, we were able to generate 258% more qualified fair contacts at our first fair, the BELEKTRO’10 in comparison to the previous year. At the fair Intersolar’11, we reached 245% more qualified conversations. Due to our grown collaboration, we were able to raise the bar again with a raise in qualified contacts of more than 330% at the BELEKTRO’12 and more than 328% at the  next INTERSOLAR. citel GmbH, Herr Ruen, managing director

  • trade fair moderator

  • Visitors often overlook a lot of valuable information at fairs.

    The comparison of attention to a spotlight goes back to the brain researcher Michael Posner. According to Mr Posner, studies have shown that the selective attention at a given came can only be at a specific point of the viewed, visual scene, it is not divisible, there is only one spotlight. We can’t divide our attention spotlight to one half on the right and one half on the left.

    Brain researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Spitzer writes in his book “LERNEN”: The more information processing capacity is assigned to a specific task, the more it is subtracted elsewhere.

    This means that if a visitor is on the lookout for a particular exhibitor, he likely overlooks valuable information and booths that are on the way to this exhibitor. He simply has not left any capacity to process information.

    The tradeshow infotainer directs the attention spotlight to your booth.
    From us, you will get not only any leads, you will get prequalified leads from your target group. That is our promise since nearly 20 years.


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